26 Inch Starburst Modern Metal Wall Art Mirrors Mod Retro Atomic Style Decoration Sunburst Decoration

I love what I do and hope it's "inspiring4u2!"

Item Description

Solid Steel Starburst


-- 26 x 26 with a 2 inch Center Mirror


-- Hand-Welded Solid Steel 


-- Clear, Glass Mirrors


-- It hangs by a round metal hole in center of piece, on the back, completely hidden making it super easy to hang!  Weighs around 3 lbs.


-- I can customize it to your favorite color and finish, choose at checkout


-- Shown here in Black, Matte






I'm open to variations of my work to help create something special for you or someone you love.  Or someone you don't really love, but someone you have to buy a gift for.  Just kidding.  Sort of. 







Ready to ship in 7-10 days. 





I ship worldwide!   I have a unique arrangement for international buyers to receive really discounted shipping.  Please contact me for a shipping quote with your city, country and postal code. 


I've shipped many orders to Australia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, etc...





Customer Reviews:

"We love the starburst, Lisa! I usually have to bug my husband for days or weeks to hang new artwork in the house, but he took one look at it when it arrived yesterday and got his toolbox out unprompted! This is a high compliment. :) I took a picture so you can see how it looks in our living room. Not the best shot, but you'll get the idea. Thanks again! We'll keep an eye on your stuff and may be ordering again in the future." Sarah R., Austin, TX

"This product is awesome! Beautiful work! I love it!" Stacey M., Winston Salem, NC

"I've had too many compliments to count! Lisa has a truly artistic eye and the detailing on the piece is perfection. Even more beautiful in person - Wow!!" Spence H., San Francisco, CA










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I love what I do and hope it's Inspiring4u2!




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