PAINT COLOR SAMPLES on Metal Mailed to Your Home

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Item Description

Color samples mailed to your home.  This is the only way I can show the colors available as only 6 photos are allowed per listing and I offer over 100 colors.

See what the color and finish will look like on metal. With all the varying monitors, settings, room lighting,'s very difficult to see what the color really looks like on a computer.

Each color is 10 cents each, plus $3.00 U.S. shipping for any quantity. 

If there's a color you don't see listed, by all means contact me and I'll see what I can do!

DEFINITION OF FINISHES: Satin (matte), Glossy (shiny), Textured (like sand paper), Stone (heavy texture), Metallic (shimmers like metal), Hammered (like it's been hammered) Sparkling (Light or Heavy) -----

Any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Aqua - Glossy

Aqua - Satin

Black - Aged Iron Textured Matte

Black - Galaxy Black Textured with slight Copper Sparkle

Black - Galaxy Black Textured with slight Silver Sparkle

Black - Glossy

Black - Hammered Glossy

Black - Midnight Metallic

Black - Satin

Black - Stone Black Heavily Textured

Blue - Bright

Blue - Dark

Blue - Light Blue Hammered Glossy

Blue - Marine

Blue - Pale

Blue - Robin's Egg

Blue - Sky

Blue-Green - Sea Glass

Brass - Aged Brass Metallic Satin

Brass - Antique Brass Metallic Matte

Brass - Radiant Textured

Brass - Metallic

Brass - Burnished Brass Metallic

Bronze - Aged Bronze Metallic

Bronze - Classic Bronze Metallic

Bronze - Dark Bronze Hammered Glossy

Bronze - Dark Bronze Metallic Satin

Bronze - Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic

Bronze - Anodized Bronze Satin

See More Browns/Bronzes Below

Brown - Autumn Brown Textured Multicolor

Brown - Chestnut Brown Satin

Brown - Dark Brown Glossy

Brown - Dark Brown Satin

Brown - Dark Brown Textured

Brown - Gloss French Roast

Brown - Hammered Glossy

Brown - Kona Brown Glossy

Brown - Leather Brown Glossy

Brown - Mystic Brown Textured Metallic

Brown - Rustic Umber Textured

See More Browns/Bronzes Below

Copper - Aged Copper Metallic

Copper - Metallic

Copper - Hammered Glossy

Copper - Vintage Copper Metallic

Cream - Bleached Stone Heavily Textured

Cream - Glossy

Cream - Satin

Cream - Caribbean Sand Textured

Cream - Ivory Hammered Glossy

Gold - Metallic

Gold - Hammered Glossy

Gold - Pure Gold Metallic

Oatmeal - Hammered Glossy (like a light gold/brass)

Gray - Dark Steel Metallic / Pewter

Gray - Light

Gray - Excalibur (medium gray with slight silver sparkle)

Gray - Stone Gray Heavily Textured

See More Silvers/Grays Below

Green - Apple Green Satin

Green - Dark Green Hammered Glossy

Green - Fern

Green - Grass

Green - Jade

Green - Lime Green

Green - Racing Green Metallic

Green - Sea Green Textured

Green - Verde Green Hammered Glossy

Orange - Glossy

Orange - Matte

Pink - Bright

Pink - Hot

Pink - Light

Pink - Pale

Purple - Deep

Purple - Lavender

Red - Apple Red Metallic

Red - Bright Red Hammered Glossy

Red - Bright Red

Red - Carnation Red

Red - Dark Red

Red - Sparkling Red

Red - Tomato Red

Silver - Hammered Glossy

Silver - Metallic

Silver - Textured

Silver - Sparkling

See More Silvers/Grays Below

Taupe - Satin

Teal - Lagoon Satin

Turquoise - Sea Glass

White - Hammered Glossy

White - Matte

White - Glossy

White - Sparkling

White - Textured

Yellow - Bright

Yellow - Pale




Silver-Gray Family:

Antique Nickel Flat Metallic

Antique Pewter Hammered Glossy

Dark Steel Metallic

Nickel Satin Metallic

Soft Iron Flat Metallic


Bronze/Brown Family:

Burnished Amber Hammered Glossy

Burnished Amber Flat Metallic

Chestnut Hammered

Chestnut Flat Metallic


As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime.

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